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SMART Red Light is an innovative system to monitor intersections regulated with traffic lights as well as railroad crossings saved with red lights. Failures to stop at red lights are automatically detected, digitally recorded and processed.  Its special functions and the unique system design make SMART Red Light one of the most innovative red light enforcement systems currently available on the market. The system is already in use at more than 120 intersections and railroad crossings and therefore the most sold red light enforcement system in Austria.


The system allows monitoring of two lanes from a single location. Red rail contains a digital camera system, which is mounted on a telescoping mast in a height of 3 meters. It is positioned in 15 to 25 meters to the stop line. For maintenance purposes the telescoping mast can be levelled to a height of 1.7 meters, which allows easy handling without the use of a ladder. The camera is aligned in a way that it is possible to capture the whole intersection area as well as the red light on the recorded pictures.

A red-light detector developed by EBE Solutions activates the camera system ones the road-side signals turns red. SMART Red Light works self-sufficient and no connection to the existing traffic light system is necessary.

Ones the red light is activated and a vehicle is crossing the stop line, SMART Red Light records the incidence. The system encrypts and stores the image data locally. Data can be retrieved through a secured local gateway or transmitted to a central office via an UMTS/LTE-modem. Authorities can decode the encrypted data using a “key code” and will receive pictures of incidences.


Increasing traffic safety at intersections

Developed for road intersections and railroad crossings

No connection to the existing traffic light system is necessary due to the use of a red light detector

No inductive loops to detect vehicles are necessary

Encrypted images

Applicable for temporary operation and rotation options

High availability due to central system monitoring

Easy and fast installation and initial operation


The SMART Red Light system was installed at a railroad crossing on the Osliper Bundesstraße (Burgenland) for the Austrian Federal Railways (Österreichische Bundesbahnen). This railroad crossing was chosen as several serious accidents occurred due to failures to stop at red lights.

At this railroad crossing both directions (arrival and departure) are monitored using one system. SMART Red Light is positioned at the left side of the road looking at the railroad crossing. Therefore, no shadowing effects due to stopped vehicles occur.

Because of the integrated red light detector, no intrusion to the existing red light system was necessary which reduced costs for the client.

The system was installed on the left side of the road (looking at the railroad crossing).

Reference customer

Several road intersections in Upper Austria are monitored by SMART Red Light.

More than 90 railroad crossings of the Austrian Federal Railways are monitored by SMART Red Light.

Im Streckennetz der Stern & Hafferl Verkehrsgesellschaft werden 6 Eisenbahnkreuzungen mit dem SMART Red Light System überwacht.

In the area of Graz 3 railroad crossings managed by the Graz-Köflacher Bahn und Busbetriebe are monitored by SMART Red Light.

One railroad crossing is monitored by SMART Red Light on the network of the STLB.

One railroad crossing in the network of the Montafonerbahn AG is monitored by SMART Red Light.

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